Outboard Gear

Chandler TG1 EMI limiter/compressor (Abbey Road)
Chandler TG Channel EMI preamp/eq (Abbey Road)
BAE dual 1073MP (2 Neve 1073 style preamps)
5x AML ez1073 (Neve 1073 preamp+eq)
Neve 4081 4ch preamp
Wes Timbre Vari-Mu Tube Compressor (Sta-Level)
Summit DCL-200 Dual Tube Compressor
Dizengoff D4 tube-preamp (inspired by the classic EMI REDD)
Drawmer 1969 Stereo Tube Compressor (Mercenary Edition)
two Chandler LTD-2 compressors (basicly modified Neve 2254's)
Vintage Joe Meek "The Brick" (transformer-pre/opto-compressor/enhancer)
Vintage DBX 162 compressor/limiter
Empirical Labs Fatso
Empirical Labs Distressor
Custom-build Neve 1073 channel-strip (rebuild from the original schematics with added 1176 at the end)
Summit Audio 2BA-221 tube preamp/di
Summit Audio FeQ-50 Passive tube/solid state EQ
UA LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel
Warm Audio Tone Beast
Custom-build dual 1176 limiter (with Neve-transformers)
Custom-build stereo UREI 1176 (with THD function and Neve-transformers)
Custom-build SSL bus-compressor (4000G, with eXtra sidechain options)
Great River ME-1NV pre-amp (inspired by a Neve 1073 pre)
Warm Audio Tonebeast classic api-style preamp
Trident Signature 2-channel EQ/pre (=Trident 80b eq)
SPL Transient Designer 4
DBX 160A

Joe Meek VC1Q (transformer-pre/opto-compressor/eq/enhancer)
Audient ASP008 8ch class A preamps
Aphex 661 Expressor with Tubessence
Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro (I really love the de-esser)
2 stereo Really Nice Compressors (with Mercenary frontplate)
BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer
Rane 2x 15 bands graphic EQ
Triton FeadHead

Rupert Neve DI
3Orchid Electronics DI's
Stereo Samson DI
Stereo Behringer DI

TC M3000 (2 engines with the most natural sounding rooms & reverbs!)
Lexicon PCM 70 (for the classic Lexicon sound)
Kurzweil Rumour (great verbs taken from the KSP8)
Line6 Echo Pro (for Space Echo and other tape delay emulations)
Sony DPS V55M (for dark verbs)
Behringer V-verb (additional reverbs)


Custom-build Mixing Console (with 'Neve-type' summing & Classic EQ's)

Pro Tools HDX system running on a 12core Apple Mac
Lot's of high quality plugins by Softube, Waves, Abbey Road, IK Multimedia, Massey, Bombfactory, Antares, Mc Dsp, etc.
Softube Console1 (with SSL4000E, Neve, Summit etc etc)
Lynx Aurora 16 (with LT-HD card)
Digi 192
Digi 192 digital
Focusrite Octopre LE (with adat i/o)
DynAudio Air12's
headphones: Beyer Dynamic
/ Vic Firth / Sennheiser / Audio Technica / Superlux
JVC Boombox
Presonus Faderport

Neutrik patchbays
Behringer P16 Powerplay Headphone Monitoring System with a personal mixer for each musician.
Behringer Ultracurve (just for it's real-time Analyser, don't worry!)
Max Holzinger & Co Balanced Power Conditioner (cleaner power, total isolation from the power grid)

Warm Audio WA47 (U47 style tube mic)
Warm Audio WA14 (414 style mic)
Vintage Telefunken D19
Vintage Telefunken TD200
Telefunken M80
Telefunken M80sh
OktavaMod E-K47 460 (multi-pattern tube condenser mic)
AKG D12vr
NoHype Audio LRM-2 (ribbon mic)
Cascade Knucklehead ribbonmic (limited edition with special AMI trafo)
Charter Oak M900
4x Beyerdynamic Opus 88
Aston Spirit
Custom-build Ribbon Mic (by Michael Joly)
Matched pair of studio condensors v250(by Michael Joly)
Michael Joly studio condensor v910
Michael Joly studio condensor Hulk
5x Audio Technica ATM25
Audio Technica 4033a
Violet 'The Finger'
Rode NTK
2x Akg C3000
Line Audio OM1
Shure B91
Shure SM57
Shure SM7B
Sennheiser MD421n (white)
2x Sennheiser MD421 U-4 (black)
SE Electronics V7x
Sennheiser 902
Sennheiser 904
Sennheiser 504
T.bone RB500 (ribbon mic)
T.Bone CD55
Triton FeadHead (extra gain for Ribbon mics)

Instruments etc:
Ampeg SVT-II P (THE classic SVT tube preamp)
Ampeg SVT 200t
Jet City JCA20HV
(vintage style tube amp by Soldano, with Tube upgrades by Guido Wander)
amp with "British Glory" mod (sound of legendary Marshall master volume amps like the JCM800 / JMP2203-2204)
Custom 2x12 recording cab (oversized Bluesbreaker cab fuelled with a Weber British Series G12-65 & a WGS Veteran 30 speaker)
Vintage Marshall 1933 cab (JCM800 Lead)
Koch Studiotone

Box of Doom (iso cab, with speakers for bass or guitar)
Custom-build "GieSound" ES335-style guitar (with a Pearly Gates bridge pickup and a P90 PhatCat neck-PU)
Custom-build "GieCaster" electric guitar (with 2 tele & 1 strat pickup)
12-string 'Rickenbacker-style' guitar
Custom Les Paul guitar (with Iron Gear pickups and Jimmy Page electronics)
"Frankenstein Tele" with vintage Fender humbuckers
Customized Jazz Bass
Mayhill Violin Bass (Beatles style)
Cigarbox resonator guitar
Zvex Box of Rock
Way Huge Electronics Green Rhino MkII
Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi
SansAmp VT Bass Di
EBS Multicomp (bass compressor)
MXR SuperComp
Danelectro Cool Vibe Cat
Joyo 6 bands eq pedal
Masotti Blackbox
Radial BigShot ABY
Orchid Audio reamp-box

Ludwig 14"x6,5" Supraphonic snare
Ludwig 14"x10" 6ply maple snare
Vintage (1973) Premier B303 mahogany drum set: 22"/16"/14" (owned by: Jeroen Hobert)
M-audio masterkeyboard Oxygen 88